Your challenges

As an innovative company looking for new market opportunities, international business development has become one of your top priorities.

So, why Canada?
Because here …

is considered first and foremost as an opportunity

Scheduling meetings
is quick and efficient

The decision-making process
is fast and fact-based

Moreover, Canada is considered as a world leading business place thanks to :

A strong bias for innovation (dynamic investment market, government R & D tax incentives, etc.)
Well established key industries (i.e. video games aerospace, Health, ICT, etc.)
A very attractive environment in terms of operating costs and funding sources.
Pending open market with the European Union treaty (AECG / CETA)
A privileged access to the US & Mexican market through the NAFTA agreements, and access to the Asian markets through the TPP).
YAD International brings you the opportunity to enter the Canadian market quickly and in the most effective and short term way.