Our method

When you go abroad, the best way to reduce your costs is to monitor and test your new market through a partner like Yad International who can support your local operations, sales initiatives or any other of your company’s business needs in the new foreign market.

We are going to assist you and define the best method that can suit your business needs and constraints.

1. Preparation

  • Feedback on your solutions, targets and strategy
  • Adapting your offer to the local requirements & best practices
  • Conduct one or several pre-testing within our business network
  • Detailed reports

Duration : 4 weeks

2. Prospecting

  • Identifying key prospects
  • Sales Actions (Webinars, phone and mail campaigns, networking)
  • Scheduling meetings and qualifying leads with local partners

Duration : 4-8 weeks

3. Transformation

  • Follow-up calls
  • Produce sales proposals
  • Negotiations
  • Contracting
  • After-sales follow-up and upselling

Duration : 3-6 months

YAD International brings you the opportunity to receive clear and quick feedback and a detailed report about the local market trends which will enable you to sign your first deals in less than 6 months.